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Welcome to the Colorfreak World!

Click this image to see more info of paintings.

Click this image to see more info of paintings.


Colorfreak World is a fictional world created by Colorfreak Jina (Jina Kim) with her portraits of 'Colorfreak Tribespeople' in outfits and accessories with tribal colors and patterns inspired from indigenous art such as African art, Lao textiles, Native American textiles and beadwork, and Asian traditional art.

Her landscapes come from her travels around the Western United States.


The Colorfreak Tribespeople that you see at my show are the people living in 'Colorfreak World.'

The inspiration for the paintings are from actual people that I met, saw, or read about.


I've always been drawn to tribal art, especially the patterns and colors.

<My personal collections for an inspiration. Textiles, Accessories, books ets..>

I started my first Colorfreak portrait when I was 19. After a long journey to define myself as an artist, I went back to the painting and finished it in 2015.

The first Colorfreak. Click the image to see more.

The first Colorfreak. Click the image to see more.

During a trip to Laos and Vietnam, I stayed with a hill tribe and after I returned home, I started painting portraits based on their clothes and individual appearance.


That trip increased my interest in indigenous peoples and their cultures and I started studying more about other tribes.

As I learned more and more about indigenous people and art, I started mashing up the patterns and colors and even the faces of people in my paintings. This is how I created my own world, Colorfreak World.

<My inspirations. Photos from my Lao trip and personal research about Native Americans, textiles, folk art>


After I moved to Jackson, Wyoming from South Korea, I started blending landscapes from New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming with Colorfreak Tribespeople portraits.

<Photos from my road trip from NC to WY, USA>


The moment you enter my show or buy my paintings, you are a traveler in Colorfreak World. I hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful land with its beautiful people.


-Colorfreakjina, Jina Kim.