2012 Laos-Champasak Province

Champasak province 2012

Champasak province 2012

I will never forget this village! What a peaceful, laid-back and friendly town! Everything is colorful. Houses with pretty gardens.

People were so nice and inviting. There were some times that the stores are open and nobody is there. And you see the whole town hanging out under the tree playing games.

Nobody is rushing, nobody is anxious.

Look at the view of the town!!

How can you not get inspired in the place like this. This village was not super touristy and it was very mellow.

I thought about my life that had been full of anxiety, tension, impatience(You need a lot of patience in Laos.Everything takes long time.) and competition.

This town was full of heart. People have good hearts.

What happened to my life?


A historical house later I painted when I got back home.


laos_theparadise Photoshop.jpg

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